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Indoor corporate games developed by Green Oliver are specially designed activities for companies that wish to strengthen the teamwork between their employees through corporate events, such as annual meetings and briefings. These are team building activities adapted to indoor spaces and according to your preferences and needs! 

Each indoor corporate game, which has been developed after several tests, is an imaginative creation! Thus, Green Oliver turns your business events into creativity meetings that contribute to communication, corporate culture and decision-making, while also improve the staff’s performance and the collaboration between working groups. 

These programs emphasize on entertainment, human resource development and the training of the participants through tailor made activities. The games aim to develop the soft skills of the employees, which will be particularly useful in their future career. 

The indoor corporate games are divided into six categories: 1) Acquaintance, 2) Communication, 3) Trust, 4) Collaboration, 5) Decision Making & Problem Solving and 6) Creation & Construction, and each sector serves different purposes of the programs. 

Green Oliver designs, prepares and guides these games with experienced executives, who lead and encourage all participants! 

Frequently Asked Questions 


What is an indoor corporate game? 

Each program is unique, designed and organized according to your needs. The activities of an indoor corporate game are based on six fundamental sectors, which are the pillars of our programs: human relationships, trust, collaboration, communication, decision making and creating new experiences. 


What are Green Oliver’s indoor corporate games like? 

Our programs combine games and activities indoors! They are usually implemented together with a corporate event and aim to recreation, entertainment and training. The participants are divided into groups and take part in a series of games, trying to accomplish specific tasks! The level of difficultly of the programs depends on the overall duration of them (from six to ten games)the experience and the skills of the working groups. 


Where are these programs implemented? 

Τhese programs take place indoors (e.g. hotel hallsbusiness offices, special conference rooms etc.). There is no restriction in space, as each program is designed according to your preferences. Ask us about possible locations and we will make personalized suggestions to organize your event! Our team can help you design every detail of the program based on your interests! 


Are these activities and games difficult to execute? 

Of course, not! Each program is tailored to the skills and experience of the participants. It consists of games, which require from little to no motor skills. They are mainly activities related to creation, imagination, problem solving and soft skills, which have as their ultimate goal the active participation of everyone involved! 


How long do they last? 

From a few hours to several days! 


Are they suitable for our company? 

These corporate games are for everyone who is interested in team building indoors! The games are adapted to your preferences and are designed upon request. Their character can be entertaining or tailored to your corporate goals! 


Are you interested? 

Fill in the contact form below and we will get in touch with you! You can also contact us by email at [email protected], or call us daily from 10.00 – 18.00 at 2310 283534.