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A trip to the valley of dreams! 

Highly experienced in professional tourism since 2009 and in outdoor activities since 2007, Green Oliver alternative travel agency executes hiking trips to the Pindus National Park, the magnificent “Valia Calda”, where nature remains unspoiled!

Our customized trips are ideal for small or large groups, companies and organizations, schools and they are always adapted to your own desires and preferences!  

We guide you in nature with safety, we arrange your transfer and your stay in traditional guest houses and mountain refuges and we create the ideal schedule for you!   

Hikes and Outdoor Activities at Valia Calda 

Hiking trails of all levels in magnificent natural landscape 

Walking and swimming in Aoos river and “Arkoudorema 

Mountain biking

Orientation games

Visit to the picturesque village Spileo” of Grevena and hike to the famous Portitsa” gorge

Meals in traditional local taverns 

About Valia Calda 

The Pindus National Park “Valia Calda,” with an area reaching 69,000,000 acres, was established to protect the rich flora and fauna of the prefectures of Grevena and Ioannina. The park took the name “Valia Calda,” which in the vlach dialect means “a warm valley,” in a euphemism, because it is one of the coldest and most humid areas of Greece! 

The valley is situated at an altitude of 1400m and is enclosed by the mountains of “Lygos”, “Mavrovouni” and “Avgo”. Several streams cross the valley, with “Arkoudorema” being the most important, which is a tributary of “Aoos” river. 

The landscape is covered with dense forests of black or white pine and beech trees, alternating with cliffs and raging streams. The presence of the water element is intense and impresses! 

The region is the most important biotope in Greece for the brown bear, and it hosts at least 70 species of birds and predators, as well as large mammals such as the chamois and the roe deer. 

Let’s create together a life experience trip to the most virgin area of Greece! Where the magnificent and verdant nature steals everyone’s heart and travels the human mind to another dimension! 

Fill in the contact form below and we will get in touch with you! You can also contact us by email to [email protected], via message to Green Oliver facebook page or call us daily from 10.00 – 18.00 at 6977 212892 and 2310 283534.