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Green Oliver alternative travel agency, specialized in hiking trips, outdoor recreational activities and sports tourism, organizes environmental and educational field trips for schools to the peri-urban forest of Thessaloniki, Seih Sou! The magnificent forest of our city, ideal for the first walks and nature trips of our little explorers! 

We arrange your transfer and guide the group in nature throughout the day with safetyWe organize ecological outdoor games and plan your trip according to your preferences and needs! 

About Seih Sou 

Seih Sou is the suburban forest of Thessaloniki, which extends from the southern and southwestern slopes of Hortiatis to the road of Eptapyrgio – AsvestochoriIt is considered as the “lung” of the city, while being a recreational place for the city’s residents. 

The biggest part of the forest is covered by pine trees and cypresses. On the north and northeast sides of the forest we find mainly areas of kermes oak.  

From 1800 to 1900 the area was a forest of oak trees. 

Suggested Activities 

• Easy hiking and walking for kids over the age of  6

• Outdoor games which develop children’s motor fitness in nature, the ecological awareness and the viability of our micro-ecosystem 

Outdoor training such as functional training, bodyweight trainingkids yoga and more 

• Orientation games  

• Outdoor picnic 

What is the purpose of field trips in schools? 

The primary goal of our environmental education is for students to understand the close connection between humans and the environment through their interaction with nature. 

Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness of the problems nature faces due to human intervention and to develop environmental awareness. 

Nowadays, environmental education is a major concern of all modern societies aiming to the sustainable use of natural resources and the reduction of potential negative impact on nature. 

Green Oliver alternative travel agency has professional, environmentally conscious and experienced travel consultants  guides to provide educational trips in nature that satisfy even the most demanding little explorers – travelers! 

Let’s create together a field trip just a breath away from Thessaloniki, in the forest of Seih Sou!

Fill in the contact form below and we will get in touch with you! You can also contact us by email to [email protected], via message to Green Oliver facebook page or call us daily from 10.00 – 18.00 at 6977 212892 and 2310 283534.