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Hiking and mountaineering on the mythical mountain of Greece! 

Highly experienced in professional tourism since 2009 and in outdoor activities since 2007, Green Oliver alternative travel agency executes hiking trips to the mountain of Gods, Mt Olympos!

We discover every hidden secret of the mythical mountain and reach the Muses Plateau at the altitude of 2650m. If we wish to conquer the highest summits of the imposing mountain, we climb up to “Mytikas”  peak at 2918m under the guidance of certified mountain guides of the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing.


Our customized trips are ideal for small or large groups, companies and organizations, schools and they are always adapted to your own desires and preferences!  

We guide you in the mountain with safety, we arrange your transfer and your stay in mountain refuges and we create the ideal schedule for you!   

Hikes and Outdoor Activities on Mt. Olympos 

• Hiking and mountaineering on the highest peaks of Mt. Olympos

Hiking famous as well as unknown trails on Mt. Olympos 

• Diving in natural pools with waterfalls 

Visits to sites of interest concerning the history of the mountain

Outdoor workout programs such as functional training, circuit training, yoga, pilates etc

Orientation games

• Guided tour at the Olympus National Park Information Center

About Mt.Olympos 

Mountain Olympos is the highest mountain in Greece with “Mytikas” summit at an altitude of 2918 meters, while it is also known worldwide from mythology as the “Home of the 12 Gods”. It’s the second highest mountain in the Balkans after “Rila” mountain in Bulgaria. 

Mountain Olympos is the first area in Greece declared as a National Park in 1938, with the aim of preserving its wild flora and fauna, as well as its culture and other values. In 1981, UNESCO declared it as a “Biosphere Reserve”, while it is also under special protection in the Natura 2000 network as a site of community interest.  


Let’s create together a safe hiking and mountaineering trip to the highest peaks of Mt. Olympos! A unique experience, ideal for the conquers of the peaks and the lovers of challenging hiking at the home of Gods! 

Fill in the contact form below and we will get in touch with you! You can also contact us by email to [email protected], via message to Green Oliver facebook page or call us daily from 10.00 – 18.00 at 6977 212892 and 2310 283534.